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Today’s case study explains how TimeSimplicity can help a typical small credit union maintain quality customer service while controlling operating expenses through streamlined credit union employee scheduling.

Even though an increasing number of routine banking transactions are performed online without the help of a human bank teller, it is vital for small not-for-profit financial service providers to provide the type of customer service that can only be experienced at a small, locally-based organization.

Our example organization is Springfield Community Credit Union. It was introduced in 1982 and currently has 5 branches. It was originally established for the staff members of a state university but now has a diverse (and steadily increasing) membership that reflects the demographics of the area.

Since credit unions are not-for-profit, they must control their cost of labor in order to offer low rates and minimal fees to members-the main reason customers pick credit unions in the first place. With rising expenses for marketing, computer systems, and qualified team members, Springfield knew it had to increase workforce efficiency to stay competitive.

Overwhelming Scheduling Challenges

The only change Springfield supervisors had made to their makeshift employee scheduling system was moving it from paper to Excel spreadsheets fifteen years ago. At that time, there were only two branches and scheduling was much simpler. When Springfield opened its fifth branch, staff scheduling issues were consuming a big chunk of administrative time. The branch supervisors knew they needed to automate their scheduling to maintain productivity, improve waning staff morale, and retain their members.

They had an extensive “wish list” for the capabilities of an ideal Workforce Management System:

  • Staff each branch adequately for all shifts.
  • Integrate with their payroll system.
  • Limit overtime for full-time employees.
  • Make sure part-timers stay within authorized hours.
  • Provide the team members with their requested schedules as often as possible.
  • Improve communication within all departments and branches.
  • Keep track of which employees are cross-trained for multiple positions.
  • Minimize the need for hiring additional staff by strategically scheduling employees who can work at multiple branches.
  • Retain their highly skilled IT staff. (There are many large tech firms in the area that compete for qualified employees.)
  • Maintain compliance with federal, state, and local labor laws.

Solution: Workforce Management Suite with TimeSimplicity

Workforce Management Suite fulfilled every item on their wish list and even furnished benefits they had not expected. It provides managers smart tools for uncomplicated, hassle-free scheduling and empowers staff members to take over many tasks previously done by supervisors.

Create Schedules in Minutes

With TimeSimplicity, branch managers create standard schedule templates. With the standard schedule in place, they can drag and drop to adapt to changing conditions. Employee job codes let them see at a glance which employees are cross-trained for multiple positions.

Accommodate Employees

Springfield has been able to accommodate their staff members’ requested schedules with the TimeSimplicity Virtual Trade Board. Previously, supervisors would circulate shift change requests to the staff, and then re-circulate when options were proposed. Now, staff members simply enter requests on the Virtual Trade Board. Managers can rapidly view, monitor and confirm shift request changes online. Once a shift trade is confirmed, TimeSimplicity automatically notifies the appropriate associates.

Compliance Conquered

With customized overtime notifications, managers are notified when part-time employees are approaching full-time hours, and full-timers are approaching overtime. They don’t need to be consistently monitoring time cards to keep associates working within the prescribed hours. In the case of a DOL audit, reports can be formed instantly from attendance data that was automatically captured and recorded.

Less Waiting for Members

Since adopting Workforce Management Suite, Springfield teller and phone customer wait times have decreased significantly, the admin staff is much more productive, and employee loyalty has improved.

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