Today’s post describes an organization that, by its very nature, demands a robust Workforce Management system. As more and more businesses hire temporary contractors as part of their business strategy (as opposed to an occasional stopgap fix during a staffing emergency), savvy temp firms can benefit from the market shift and expand and diversify.

Consider the unique logistics of our example company. While some staffing services specialize in just one industry—such as health care—this 12 year-old firm has entered new markets steadily for the past few years. They currently place administrative assistants, computer programmers, call center staff, manufacturing workers, machinists, child care providers, and substitute teachers.

With a constant turnover of contract workers and offsite punch ins as the norm, this agency couldn’t cope with their timekeeping and scheduling system. Though it was partially automated, the technology was 10 years old and it couldn’t provide the number of job codes they required. The mobile app malfunctioned frequently and didn’t support the latest time clocks.

A staffing agency simultaneously serves two classes of clients; the temp workers they place and the businesses who use the workers. Each of the players rely on the agency for accuracy. The don’t want to overpay the temps, and the hourly temp workers are, understandably, especially sensitive to timekeeping accuracy.

Solution – WorkforceHUB

The WorkforceHUB time and attendance tool, TimeWorksPlus, promptly solved a multitude of problems. The WorkforceHUB mobile app allows contract workers to punch in on their cell phone wherever they are. Because the PunchLogic function has virtually done away with missed and duplicate punches, timekeeping accuracy has improved dramatically.

Scheduling Made Easy With WorkforceHUB

Temp worker hours are managed with customizable system notifications and there are nine pay-rate fields and employee groups/sorting/filtering for easy organization and oversight.

TimeWorksPlus is customizable for the copious lunch and break policies of the organizations they serve. The agency personnel can see what’s going on with all of their temp workers in real time on any given day.

With the recent rise in ransomware hackings and other data security threats, the agency puts a premium on data security and enjoys the peace of mind provided by WorkforceHUB.

WorkforceHUB is the ultimate Workforce Management system for staffing agencies. With Workforce Management under control, now they can focus on serving even more markets while keeping current clients satisfied.

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