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You may not live in a state or city that has adopted predictive scheduling legislation, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for the possibility. “Fair scheduling,” “secure scheduling,” or “fair workweek” laws are designed to protect staff members from the uncertainty of on-call and fluid scheduling, and are being considered (and in some cases, passed) in states and municipalities across the country.

The issue has come to the forefront in recent years as the employment landscape has changed considerably for hourly and part-time workers, many of whom are living from paycheck to paycheck.

Business owners have long used just-in-time and just-enough-staff scheduling to limit labor costs and adapt to frequently changing staffing demands, but some policymakers believe these methods put a crippling burden on lower income working families, men and women working more than one part-time job, and students trying to juggle school and employment.

Are You Ready to Comply With Secure Scheduling Laws?

Regardless of your thoughts on these standards, you may be obligated to comply with one if it is adopted in your city or state.

Manual Scheduling Is No Longer Practical

First off, if you are still using manual scheduling methods, it’s time to automate. It is virtually impossible to comply with predictive scheduling provisions with basic spreadsheets.

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