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Save Time With Payroll Integration

WorkforceHUB integrates seamlessly with your payroll processing service.

Save time with automatic data transfers.

Seamless Integration

Works With any Payroll System

Reduces Human Error

Saves Time

No Manual Entry

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Payroll Integration


WorkforceHUB integrates seamlessly with your payroll system by syncing labor force data between the systems. Employee time and attendance data in TimeWorksPlus is automatically reconciled with your payroll system so you can complete payroll just as handily as you can track time and attendance.

We use the latest in integration technology so that any HR or administrative system can be easily integrated to share time and attendance data with TimeWorksPlus.

Integration Made Easy


After an easy initial setup, WorkforceHUB works with your payroll platform to capture employee hours, calculate time cards, transfer the data to the payroll system, and process payroll – without any manual data entry!

If your HR staff has been manually entering worker hours from a time clock or paper time card system into your payroll platform, prepare to be amazed at how much time and money you will save by allowing TimeWorksPlus to transfer employee hours directly into your payroll service.

By preventing the unavoidable human error inherent in manual processes, WorkforceHUB ensures the accuracy of your data. Audit-ready reports generated automatically help you maintain compliance with ACA and DOL provisions and safeguard you in case of a labor dispute.




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