These slides outline the Premium Partner Marketing program for select SwipeClock partners. Scroll to the sections below to see additional detail for specific program activities and options.

SwipeClock is partnering with Square Compass to fulfill key aspects of the Premium Partner Marketing Program—email fulfillment, microsite development, and hosting.

Square Compass is an independent, 3rd-party provider of web systems development, online marketing, email and list management.

Please check out the Square Compass site for more information:

Content topic for each of the emails in the campaign.

Click on a link to see the actual email we will send. Emails are customized for your company, with your logo appearing at the top where the SwipeClock logo is in these samples. Links will direct to your microsite landing pages, and footer information will reflect your company. Emails are sent from your company email address; they are functionally from ‘your’ company.

These examples are presented in HTML, and are available for you to use as-is to conduct your own campaign if you choose not to use our Concierge Service. Words in (parenthesis) indicate themes.

  1. New Product (timekeeping, payroll)
  2. Upgrade (upgrade)
  3. Compliance (compliance, healthcare)
  4. Manage Labor Costs (labor costs, reduce admin)
  5. Scheduling (scheduling)
  6. Overtime (overtime management)
  7. Buddy Punching (time theft)
  8. Ten Reasons Why (automated timekeeping benefits)
  9. ROI Calculator(labor costs, reduce admin)
  10. One Simple Package (workforce management)
  11. Timekeeping Shouldn’t Be Hard (TimeWorksTouch)
  12. Forget Your Troubles (automated timekeeping, TimeWorksPlus)
  13. Case Study: Restaurant (restaurant, hospitality, scheduling)
  14. Case Study: Hotel (hotel, hospitality, scheduling)
  15. Case Study: Retail (retail, scheduling)
  16. Case Study: Assisted Living (healthcare, scheduling)
  17. What to Look For (workforce management)
  18. Without Hiring More (labor cost management)
  19. Prevent Overstaffing (labor management)
  20. Pays For Itself (labor costs, reduce admin)
  21. Eliminate Duplicate Punches (reduce admin)
  22. High Employee Turnover (employee satisfaction)
  23. PBJ So You Don’t Have To (compliance, PBJ)
  24. Free Up 8 Extra Hours (scheduling, reduce admin)
  25. Overworked Scheduling Manager (scheduling, reduce admin)
  26. Employee Profiles (best-fit scheduling)
  27. Faster Than You Think (scheduling, quick start)
  28. PunchLogic Streamlines (missed punches, reduce admin)
  29. Time Card Disputes (labor costs, break tracking)
  30. PBJ Reporting Quick and Easy (compliance, PBJ, reduce admin)
  31. Never Too Small (time theft, compliance)
  32. Solve Scheduling Emergencies (scheduling)
  33. Close Coverage Gaps (scheduling)
  34. PunchLogic Solves Errors (missed punches, reduce admin)
  35. Better Break Management (labor costs, break tracking)
  36. Staff Communication Problems? (workforce management)
  37. One Easy Bite (PBJ, compliance)
  38. Get ROI (labor costs, workforce management)
  39. Minutes Instead of Hours (scheduling, reduce admin)
  40. Job Codes (best-fit scheduling)
  41. Without Laying Off Employees (labor costs)
  42. Great New Webclock (intelligent clocks)
  43. Time Card Transparency (employee self-service)
  44. Quit Stressing About PBJ (PBJ, compliance)
  45. Improved Management Oversight (reduce admin, workforce management)
  46. Slam Dunk (scheduling, reduce admin)
  47. Virtual Trade Board (scheduling)
  48. See The Big Picture (reduce admin, employee self-service)
  49. The Office Magician (scheduling, quick start)
  50. Faster Payroll Prep (reduce admin, labor costs)
  51. Compliant Overtime Rules (compliance, overtime management)
  52. Cloud-Based (automated timekeeping, TimeWorksPlus)
  53. How Many Clicks (scheduling, employee self-service)
  54. Upgrade to a Better Scheduling System (scheduling, reduce admin)
  55. Easier Than It Used to Be (payroll integration)
  56. Mobile Management (timekeeping, mobile)
  57. Right tools for ACA compliance (compliance, ACA)
  58. Before You Implement (automated timekeeping, TimeWorksPlus)
  59. Auto-Alerts Extinguish Overtime (overtime management)
  60. Employees Admit to This Crime (time theft, labor management)
  61. No More PTO Headaches (time-off requests, labor management)
  62. Smart Tools to Manage (mobile, labor management)
  63. Virtual Trade Board Solves (scheduling, employee self-service)
  64. Labor Audit Red Flags (compliance)

WorkforceHUB Series:

  1. Trim 22% (WorkforceHUB can save you 22%.)
  2. Big Solution (WorkforceHUB is a Big Solution for Small Business.)
  3. Avoid The Paperwork (WorkforceHUB helps you avoid paperwork.)
  4. Employee Handbook Hub (WorkforceHUB helps you onboard employees.)
  5. Developing Customer Loyalty (WorkforceHUB to keep your employees happy and productive.)